Why to start from Basics

When I started working on the project we are given started the project from creating the Repository on GIT, installed the WordPress and pushed all the data in directory of WordPress to the repository (including the config. file with the passwords of database). Then in our code review, we find out that we are wrong, we just uploaded all the core files and with passwords along with it. And then I created a new repository and now I added a .Gitignore to ignore some files of WordPress like config file so I thought now I am in the right direction.
As I didn’t search about the basic that way to add WordPress git integration and how the only public file can be there in repository So I am just in the wrong direction again. Now we discussed about it with Vaibhav that how the Integration works then he told us that why we need the core files on the GIT they can be configured by the another contributor so why? then we got to know about the Composer that this is the thing we are missing we have to create a composer installation file that can configure all the WordPress files and we need to take care of just the public ones.

We can install WordPress on the remote server by composer. This is happening because we don’t know the basics. If we know why to integrate the WordPress and the How so that our details not be shared like our first repository. And next on we added PHP codes on the files to get access to the files, etc. in WordPress😛 ) means if we are working in the WordPress then why we used the PHP because we don’t know what the basic approach is to have there in a random project. So start from basics to get into it.

Building the Core

Great minds have tended to create and they are creative and curious about what’s happening. The thing that I love at ColoredCow that there are lots of people to guide us and love to create the environment that everyone can learn from each other and discuss ideas. In the software industry there is a lot to work and achieve the success. You can make it by two methods anyhow by Jugaad or by applying some principles and doing it in the right way. By Creating the models ideas. If we have a project we are asked that “How you going to achieve that, anyways or applying some principle and starting from the core”.

The “why” and “how” is the question here. I want to relate to the newton’s story that he discovered about the Gravity by falling of an apple. He asked himself the why and which is his idea of exploring. Three types of people can be there(or more maybe) if we discuss it that, the ones who is interested in the personality of the Issac Newton and talk about him or interested in the apple, second one who are discussing about his discovery details about gravity, the third one discuss on the “why” once again as the Einstein did on theory of relativity even if the Newton’s theory is accepted globally. Here the “why” is core. The quote

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

Work on your basics and make great things happen. As in our first Code Review they told about the core building. Start from the basics and start from asking questions.

Working On Git

WordPress is a famous CMS that based on PHP and MySQL. You can create blogs(just like this one) and websites for your own and yeah its free to use open source so you can install on your own server and make any changes to it. If you are working on a small project and only you are on the team so you can check all the code on your own Machine and put the code on the server.

But if you are working in a team and have to work on different features and may be your codes can be overlap then what you are going to do. Here we need GIT the very famous Version Control System that can track our codes and earlier versions. If you are working on different features you can create branches as well.

The Documentation on Git is the best place you can learn about it.On working on my very first live project in ColoredCow I am working in a team so that I have to learn GIT first to work smartly. So I just googled it out and remembered some commands and learn how to pull and push the code. KD gave a good explanation on GIT last day. And he said to set some rules to use GIT because sometimes it just overwritten our code with another teammate who just edited the code.

The Rules are :

  • Pull the Code
  • Push your Code
  • Write Code
  • Commit the New
  • Pull
  • Push

These steps are a healthy practice for a developer.

Getting into Software

The 1st chapter of the book Code Complete is What is Software construction, so what’s the term software construction means. Before it we have to understand what is a Construction. A Construction is a process of building, creating stuff. It is like planning, designing an architecture, creating something. As the many processes were used in the process of Construction so that in Software Construction.
Now the word software construction. It’s a process of Developing a Software within many phases. They include many steps like Problem definition, Requirement development, etc. This is what we have to do with our first task of developing a website for Hiring but we did it in different ways like we actually work on the whole part of the problem setup a server on AWS and installed WordPress and GIT on it and started the server and then we think what to do next and then we go to the Requirement phase and gathered some of the requirements.

But actually it has to be like first gather information about it how we create the website and mainly what is the requirement of the user here and then we have to go to the design and construction phase. But in the discussion with Prateek and KD I realized that we just did it in the reverse way. It is not going to happen like this.

The coding or testing phase is just the 10% of the Software Development process and another 90% is the information gathering and designing phases etc. They just related the whole part to the “Stone Soup” that’s how soldiers in the story feed themselves. Soldiers just created curiosity in the customers and make it happen. Soldiers found things in the installment, but got a good product to be shown. So apart from this the story tells that “Keep adding up smalls to create something large” do it in the parts.

Want something more on Stone Soup” my friend wrote an awesome blog about it.

Journey started with ColoredCow

So I am at ColoredCow. The first task that is given to us is to write about the internship. Then we had a conversation with Mr. Prateek about how the internship goes on. He gave us mentors to each of us. Prateek asked a question to us that “Why you are not joined IIT?”. We said that we have not resources and we are not having the good opportunity to join a good coaching or we are enjoying, whatever.

ColoredCow Logo
ColoredCow Logo

But Now the question is “What we are doing now” we are still there. Now we are blaming our college to not having the connectivity and all. If we want to do something new we can done it anyway. We are not focused and not have the deliberate practice means we are not meant to be there(IIT) if we blame each other for not having the resources etc rather than we have to create a path to success.

He gave a topic to explain”Best software engineer – Me“, but I’m blank about it there is a lot of things to say but hell yeah i just blanked. Then Nitin explained the phrase. I have to do a lot practice to give presentations and explaining the topics.
Then he talked about the basics of software engineering. The requirement gathering problem and design etc. Then I was thinking about “Mr. Belwal” our software engineering subject teacher the same from the course. So I realized that the knowledge from the course is applied. He asked me to try again to explain about it then I put the points of software development process and explained them.

He gave us two assignments one is technical and with a deadline of one day, is to make a website of hiring for ColoredCow using WordPress, Git and AWS. Git and WordPress are familiar names but the third one is the new one. AWS is an online cloud from Amazon. The part I was handling is to integrate Git and WordPress and then upload to the server. So yeah we are working on it. I created a lots of repositories on git to test how it works and learn some commands.

How to initiate and add the remote repository and then push to it. First time I got stuck at the stage where the bash says that no user signed of or an error of authentication failed. But then I googled a command to add a user and mail so that it can be authenticated. The other that I am still don’t know is how to go back to a previous commit. So I’m working on it. I have to work deliberately I think.
The other assignment was to read a book Code Completeby Steve McConnell in a month. I did not started the book till now. We are having a discussion about the part 1 of the book on next Tuesday. So I have to start it from today.

Why one should do an Internship

In the college the holidays are the most important time not to be wasted. So I decided to join an internship and yeah, I joined ColoredCow, a startup company from our college senior. My friends and family asked me about why you are going to do an internship, you can enjoy your holidays. Yeah, it is a valid question why I choose an internship, so I come up with some points of my own that’s why I do an internship.

Apply the Rules

How big a university is but it just limited to the Course. So where you going to apply all those principles and rules. Till we don’t apply the same to the real world we cannot understand it well and not know where it going to be used. So, if you join an internship, you can sum up your knowledge to the real world.

Explore the Industry

As an intern, you are going to be a part of the industry, so you can know how the industry works and what happen outside the college world. You can discover what you like to do and what you don’t.

Gain Experience

Working in an internship is like knowing about yourself and meeting many people knowing about your passions. As working on different projects you can know what you are passionate about and you can make plans about what you are going to do.

Increase your Network

You meet many people out there so that you can increase your network as well. You can learn from the past experiences, mistakes, etc. so that you can learn many things.

Be Professional

During your internship, you can develop your confidence, habits and decide what you are good at.