Scintilla Selfie Contest Finalists

Scintilla Selfie Contest Finalists:

Top 10 Girls
Rank Name Branch/Year
1 Sparsh bhatla CSE 2nd yr
2 Raveena Chauhan ECE 3rd yr
3 Shailja Goswami EE 1st yr
4 Akshita Basera CSE 2nd yr
5 Purna Sharma ME 3rd yr
6 Akansha bhatt CE 4th yr
7 Juhi Bisht CHE 4th yr
8 Rekha Chandola EE 2nd yr
9 Shreya Darmora CSE 3rd yr
10 Jyoti joshi ME 3rd yr
Top 10 Boys


Rank Name Branch/Year
1 Karan Saxena ECE 1st yr
2 Jayant Joshi ECE 4th yr
3 ArjunSingh Chauhan CE 3rd yr
4 Vishal Nautiyal M.Tech 2nd yr
5 Abhishek mishra CHE 4th yr
6 Yogesh kapri ECE 3rd yr
7 Rahul mungali CHE 3rd yr
8 Shekhar Bisht EE 4th yr
9 Grijeshwar tiwari CE 3rd yr
10 Bhriguraj CE 2nd yr
Note All the Decisions are made by respective Committee Members.
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3 Replies to “Scintilla Selfie Contest Finalists”

  1. The persons using autolikers should be disqualified yr . 1700 likes in topmost guy or girl … Do u really think that these are genuine ones … ??.
    Take care of this from next time …

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