My experience on submitting First theme- Kafal to

In February I wrote a blog on Open Source and WordPress theme and decided that I will submit a theme to And now I am back with another blog on my WordPress theme Kafal. It’s a pleasure to inform you all the readers that my theme passed the review process and accepted in the repository. Theme… Continue reading

Integrating Travis CI with WordPress Theme

Travis CI A tool for automating tests for your Open Source projects. Travis CI is used to build and test the software projects at GitHub. Its written on Ruby and freely available under MIT Licence. Which means we can use the Software without the Restrictions. So, Here the question isĀ “What we can do with this?.… Continue reading

Is function_exists in WP

In my Summer Internship with ColoredCow I started my journey with WordPress. From my first theme(my first ever WP theme for submission as a task for ColoredCow Interview) to a client based theme I’ve learned a lot and still exploring the WordPress as well. In our first(or may be 2nd) code review “KD” added a… Continue reading