First, solve problem Then, write code

At starting of my developing journey when I used to code the HTML and CSS and create some static pages that look awesome (if you don’t compare them with other online websites). I used to experiment on the divisions and the architecture first without applying any style on it so that I just simply add… Continue reading

Building the Core

Great minds have tended to create and they are creative and curious about what’s happening. The thing that I love at ColoredCow that there are lots of people to guide us and love to create the environment that everyone can learn from each other and discuss ideas. In the software industry there is a lot… Continue reading

Getting into Software

The 1st chapter of the book Code Complete is What is Software construction, so what’s the term software construction means. Before it we have to understand what is a Construction. A Construction is a process of building, creating stuff. It is like planning, designing an¬†architecture, creating something. As the many processes were used in the… Continue reading