Performance Comparison : Apache and Nginx

Apache and Nginx Apache and Nginx are the two most popular Web Servers powering the Internet. The most popular in between them is Apache. While 49% of the total web still uses Apache for powering their websites, and Nginx shares¬†33.7% traffic. But on researching more about them I found that Nginx surpasses Apache in many… Continue reading

Migrating website from http to https

I have recently migrated my website from http to https( secure http). All the non-secure HTTP requests are now redirected to HTTPS. On migrating the Site I faced many problems and learnt a lot. So here’s the list of steps to perform in making the web more secure : Selecting SSL Provider : The first… Continue reading

Why SSL Certificate is Important for your Website

In today’s world everyone uses Internet. Everyone wants to be Secure. But only a few understand the importance of having a Secure version of your website. Adding SSL encryption is one of the ways to protect your website from serious Threats. ¬†So the question is “What is SSL? Why do you need SSL? What are… Continue reading