My experience on submitting First theme- Kafal to

In February I wrote a blog on Open Source and WordPress theme and decided that I will submit a theme to And now I am back with another blog on my WordPress theme Kafal. It’s a pleasure to inform you all the readers that my theme passed the review process and accepted in the repository. Theme… Continue reading

Current Trends for CMS’s – Google Trends

This blog is an attempt to show the trend graph to compare the popularity of different CMS platforms via Google Trends. For the comparison I’ve picked 5 Top CMS’s. Top 5 CMS’s: WordPress Joomla Drupal Blogger Magento Interest Over Time We can see the growth of WordPress over the time. It is the most famous… Continue reading

Integrating Travis CI with WordPress Theme

Travis CI A tool for automating tests for your Open Source projects. Travis CI is used to build and test the software projects at GitHub. Its written on Ruby and freely available under MIT Licence. Which means we can use the Software without the Restrictions. So, Here the question is “What we can do with this?.… Continue reading

Advanced Custom Fields : Plugin

Hi there, This post is about a plugin I’ve used for extending the functionalities of the WordPress. The Plugin name is Advanced Custom Fields. This plugin provides many features to extend the power of WordPress. There is also an inbuilt functionality in WordPress for adding custom fields for any post but it offer a little power… Continue reading

Is function_exists in WP

In my Summer Internship with ColoredCow I started my journey with WordPress. From my first theme(my first ever WP theme for submission as a task for ColoredCow Interview) to a client based theme I’ve learned a lot and still exploring the WordPress as well. In our first(or may be 2nd) code review “KD” added a… Continue reading

Abstraction in WordPress

I listened about the ADTs in my college last semester in subject JAVA. What I know about it is like “An abstract data type is a collection of data and operations that work on that data.” just this Definition. I don’t think any of the student thought about this topic and researched about it. Because it is… Continue reading

Creating Features in WordPress

WordPress powers more than 24% of the web  a figure that rises every day. Everything from simple websites, to blogs, to complex portals and enterprise websites, and even applications, are built with WordPress. WordPress is an easy to use framework have simplicity for the users. I am still exploring the features that WordPress can do. In… Continue reading

First, solve problem Then, write code

At starting of my developing journey when I used to code the HTML and CSS and create some static pages that look awesome (if you don’t compare them with other online websites). I used to experiment on the divisions and the architecture first without applying any style on it so that I just simply add… Continue reading