Performance Comparison : Apache and Nginx

Apache and Nginx Apache and Nginx are the two most popular Web Servers powering the Internet. The most popular in between them is Apache. While 49% of the total web still uses Apache for powering their websites, and Nginx shares 33.7% traffic. But on researching more about them I found that Nginx surpasses Apache in many […]

Manually configuring SSL Certificates

Deprecated! This method is an old school approach, and doesn’t work perfectly. Problem in mobile platform to certify the website! Help! If you know how to do this manually in a perfect way please leave comment! Getting the Certificates : Go to SSLforFree. Enter your website link to create SSL certificate. Verify your ownership of website. Download […]

Why SSL Certificate is Important for your Website

In today’s world everyone uses Internet. Everyone wants to be Secure. But only a few understand the importance of having a Secure version of your website. Adding SSL encryption is one of the ways to protect your website from serious Threats.  So the question is “What is SSL? Why do you need SSL? What are […]