Flexbox Froggy Hindi Translation

February 21, 2017

Wants to learn Flexbox layout, just give a try to “Flexbox Froggy” the game created by Mr Thomas Park. I have learnt a lot about flexbox properties by playing this game.

When I found this game on the Internet I was at home. I was playing this game and guessing the next property that will align the frogs to their Lily pads, and then suddenly my mom, who is watching me since I have started the game, said :

” इसमें justify-content और align-items दोनों  सेंटर में होगा तो मेंढक वहां बीच में आ जायेगा “

( By justify-content and align-items, Frogs will come to the center.)

friends scared shocked
I was Like…

After that I played the along with my mom. And Now I can say that my mom also knows some CSS 😉 .

So if my mom can understand the layout and properties why can’t you. Play the Game and be the master.

For those who don’t know what the flexbox is, This property is introduced in new CSS3 for replacing the old table layouts. It is a redefined way of creating layouts and fitting the items in the container.

Everyone encountered with the problem of __”Aligning a div in center!” or “Aligning a div in vertical center!”. __ So, if you ever came across of such type of aligning problems, Just Give it a try!

How to align a to the middle (horizontally/width) of the page
Question asked 7 years ago and last active 6 days ago 😉

And the best part is It is also available in our Hindi language.

Translated by my mom and Me. If you find any heavy words across the game they are contributed by my mom. If you come up with the better translation, just make an issue in the GitHub(if you are familiar with it) or you can shoot me an E-mail.

Love You Mom! ? And Congrats for your first Open-Source Contribution!

Tweets about the game :

and many more…

Useful Links about flexbox:

Games based on Flexbox :

Thanks for reading if you have any comments or feedback you can reach out to me on twitter.

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