Interactive Resume and Phaser platform

February 09, 2017

When I first saw the website created by Prateek Narang for his Resume Purpose. I just got an expression like:

WOW, What a good way of describing your résumé if you are a Web Developer”.

As usual I am surfing Internet and one of my friend Nitin came to my room and just opened a new tab in Chrome and opened the Website. Nitin is like just see what I am going to show you, you’ll be inspired. The website site title is “_Interactive Resume of Prateek Narang”. _And then an animation shown up in the browser of Prateek with a parachute.

The content get loaded and hence the game started. The Mario got changed with Prateek’s Cartoon and i started playing the game. At that time I don’t know who is that guy. But after playing the Game I know about Prateek, his achievements, awards etc.

So after seeing that Resume I get inspired to make an assets like this in my portfolio. So I researched about it. And I found his github link. There in his profile I have found the repo. for his Interactive Resume in website. From where I got to know about the Phaser.

Phaser is an open source game framework for making desktop and mobile browser HTML5 compatible games. It is based on JavaScript. There is a lot of Documentation and Examples available in their Website as well as in the github repo.

Till Now I have just tweaked a game that is in the tutorial. I have added a baddie and Diamonds with health and Medicine. But still

There are miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.

Thanks for reading if you have any comments or feedback you can reach out to me on twitter.

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