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July 02, 2017

Google Trend for Different CMS's
Google Trend for Different CMS’s

This blog is an attempt to show the trend graph to compare the popularity of different CMS platforms via Google Trends. For the comparison I’ve picked 5 Top CMS’s.

Top 5 CMS’s:

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Drupal
  4. Blogger
  5. Magento

Interest Over Time

We can see the growth of WordPress over the time. It is the most famous CMS and blogging platform.

We can see the Rise and Fall of different Platforms. Specially Joomla, it has an instant rise in popularity after release in september 2005, where around february 2006 it was on the Top. But we can clearly see the Fall of Joomla from 2009.

More on The Fall of Joomla

**Blogger **was released prior to every CMS but lost its popularity over time as the WordPress started gain in popularity. Still Blogger is the second most used platform for Blogging.

Where **Drupal **and **Magento **are not being that much popular as other platforms. The popularity of these two platforms also falling over time.

Interest By Region

Top countries that uses WordPress :

  1. Bangladesh (100)
  2. Nepal (95)
  3. Pakistan 64)
  4. Netherlands (61)
  5. Singapore (61)

Top countries that uses Magento :

  1. India (100)
  2. Nepal (76)
  3. Netherlands (75)
  4. Estonia (60)
  5. Bangladesh (59)

Top countries that uses Joomla** :**

  1. Netherlands (100)
  2. Greece (94)
  3. Kenya (90)
  4. Switzerland (86)
  5. Ukraine (78)

Top countries that uses Blogger :

  1. Malaysia (100)
  2. Indonesia (76)
  3. Cambodia (51)

Top countries that uses Drupal :

  1. Cuba (100)
  2. Belgium (14)
  3. India (10)

Facts from the Data:

  1. WordPress tops among all these Platforms.
  2. Each year on November to December every platform has a fall on use.
  3. Very less people uses Drupal.
  4. Nepal and Bangladesh are on top 5 for two different platforms WordPress and Magento.

Explore more at Google Trends.

Thanks for reading if you have any comments or feedback you can reach out to me on twitter.

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