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June 15, 2016

So I am at ColoredCow. The first task that is given to us is to write about the internship. Then we had a conversation with Mr. Prateek about how the internship goes on. He gave us mentors to each of us. Prateek asked a question to us that "Why you are not joined IIT?" We said that we have not resources and we are not having the good opportunity to join a good coaching or we are enjoying, whatever.

But Now the question is "What we are doing now" we are still there. Now we are blaming our college to not having the connectivity and all. If we want to do something new we can done it anyway. We are not focused and not have the deliberate practice means we are not meant to be there(IIT) if we blame each other for not having the resources etc rather than we have to create a path to success.

He gave a topic to explain "Best software engineer – Me", but I'm blank about it there is a lot of things to say but hell yeah i just blanked. Then Nitin explained the phrase. I have to do a lot practice to give presentations and explaining the topics.

Then he talked about the basics of software engineering. The requirement gathering problem and design etc. Then I was thinking about _"Mr. Belwal " our software engineering subject teacher the same from the course. So I realized that the knowledge from the course is applied. He asked me to try again to explain about it then I put the points of software development process and explained them.

He gave us two assignments one is technical and with a deadline of one day, is to make a website of hiring for ColoredCow using WordPress, Git and AWS. Git and WordPress are familiar names but the third one is the new one. AWS is an online cloud from Amazon. The part I was handling is to integrate Git and WordPress and then upload to the server. So yeah we are working on it. I created a lots of repositories on git to test how it works and learn some commands.

How to initiate and add the remote repository and then push to it. First time I got stuck at the stage where the bash says that no user signed of or an error of authentication failed. But then I googled a command to add a user and mail so that it can be authenticated. The other that I am still don’t know is how to go back to a previous commit. So I’m working on it. I have to work deliberately I think.

The other assignment was to read a book "[Code Complete][2]" by Steve McConnell in a month. I did not started the book till now. We are having a discussion about the part 1 of the book on next Tuesday. So I have to start it from today.

Thanks for reading if you have any comments or feedback you can reach out to me on twitter.

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