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June 16, 2016

The 1st chapter of the book Code Complete is What is Software construction, so what’s the term software construction means. Before it we have to understand what is a Construction. A Construction is a process of building, creating stuff. It is like planning, designing an architecture, creating something. As the many processes were used in the process of Construction so that in Software Construction.

Now the word software construction. It’s a process of Developing a Software within many phases. They include many steps like Problem definition, Requirement development, etc. This is what we have to do with our first task of developing a website for Hiring but we did it in different ways like we actually work on the whole part of the problem setup a server on AWS and installed WordPress and GIT on it and started the server and then we think what to do next and then we go to the Requirement phase and gathered some of the requirements.

But actually it has to be like first gather information about it how we create the website and mainly what is the requirement of the user here and then we have to go to the design and construction phase. But in the discussion with Prateek and KD I realized that we just did it in the reverse way. It is not going to happen like this.

The coding or testing phase is just the 10% of the Software Development process and another 90% is the information gathering and designing phases etc. They just related the whole part to the _"Stone Soup" _that’s how soldiers in the story feed themselves. Soldiers just created curiosity in the customers and make it happen. Soldiers found things in the installment, but got a good product to be shown. So apart from this the story tells that "Keep adding up smalls to create something large" do it in the parts.

Want something more on "Stone Soup" my friend wrote an awesome blog about it.

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