Working On Git

June 17, 2016

WordPress is a famous CMS that based on PHP and MySQL. You can create blogs(just like this one) and websites for your own and yeah its free to use open source so you can install on your own server and make any changes to it. If you are working on a small project and only you are on the team so you can check all the code on your own Machine and put the code on the server.

But if you are working in a team and have to work on different features and may be your codes can be overlap then what you are going to do. Here we need GIT the very famous Version Control System that can track our codes and earlier versions. If you are working on different features you can create branches as well.

The Documentation on Git is the best place you can learn about it.On working on my very first live project in ColoredCow I am working in a team so that I have to learn GIT first to work smartly. So I just googled it out and remembered some commands and learn how to pull and push the code. KD gave a good explanation on GIT last day. And he said to set some rules to use GIT because sometimes it just overwritten our code with another teammate who just edited the code.

The Rules are :

  • Pull the Code
  • Push your Code
  • Write Code
  • Commit the New
  • Pull
  • Push

These steps are a healthy practice for a developer.

Thanks for reading if you have any comments or feedback you can reach out to me on twitter.

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