Building the Core

June 18, 2016

Great minds have tended to create and they are creative and curious about what’s happening. The thing that I love at ColoredCow that there are lots of people to guide us and love to create the environment that everyone can learn from each other and discuss ideas. In the software industry there is a lot to work and achieve the success. You can make it by two methods anyhow by Jugaad or by applying some principles and doing it in the right way. By Creating the models ideas. If we have a project we are asked that “How you going to achieve that, anyways or applying some principle and starting from the core”.

The **“why” **and **“how” **is the question here. I want to relate to the newton’s story that he discovered about the Gravity by falling of an apple. He asked himself the why and which is his idea of exploring. Three types of people can be there(or more maybe) if we discuss it that, the ones who is interested in the personality of the Issac Newton and talk about him or interested in the apple, second one who are discussing about his discovery details about gravity, the third one discuss on the _“why” _once again as the Einstein did on theory of relativity even if the Newton’s theory is accepted globally. Here the “why” is core. The quote

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

Work on your basics and make great things happen. As in our first Code Review they told about the core building. Start from the basics and start from asking questions.

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