Why to start from Basics

June 20, 2016

When I started working on the project we are given started the project from creating the Repository on GIT, installed the WordPress and pushed all the data in directory of WordPress to the repository (including the config. file with the passwords of database). Then in our code review, we find out that we are wrong, we just uploaded all the core files and with passwords along with it. And then I created a new repository and now I added a .Gitignore to ignore some files of WordPress like config file so I thought now I am in the right direction.

As I didn’t search about the basic that way to add WordPress git integration and how the only public file can be there in repository So I am just in the wrong direction again. Now we discussed about it with Vaibhav that how the Integration works then he told us that why we need the core files on the GIT they can be configured by the another contributor so why? then we got to know about the Composer that this is the thing we are missing we have to create a composer installation file that can configure all the WordPress files and we need to take care of just the public ones.

We can install WordPress on the remote server by composer. This is happening because we don’t know the basics. If we know why to integrate the WordPress and the How so that our details not be shared like our first repository. And next on we added PHP codes on the files to get access to the files, etc. in WordPress 😛 ) means if we are working in the WordPress then why we used the PHP because we don’t know what the basic approach is to have there in a random project. So start from basics to get into it.

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