2017 Recap

January 20, 2018

It has been a long time since I wrote any blog post. So I decided to do a write a rewind post for 2017 and start this year with some enthusiasm.

Well 2017 is over now and it’s been a great year for me & my family. Only some of my previous year resolution were accomplished and others I forgot on the way to the end of year. I can again take a new resolution for writing 4 blogs a month at least ( yeah it was my target last year :stuck_out_tongue: ) and start a new growth in number of blog posts and try to not let them decrease month by month. 😉

So here is my first post of the year with the recap of 2017:

January: This is the month of resolutions for everyone. I added many things to my bucket list and promised myself to do something about them Created a time-table etc. The end year goals but I didn’t think I remember all of them now. I joined officially WordPress community.

February: It was pretty exciting month. First I read the book “Ignore Everybody” to start my another resolution for reading books(one of the two books i read in 2017 ) Wrote a note to myself after reading the book, this post also has some of my resolutions of past year.

I started planning to contribute to Open source and decided to create a WordPress theme. Found phasor.io and created the onion game. Get to know about the Continuous Integration and integrated Travis CI to my WordPress theme project on Github.

Also me and my mother translated a game “Flexbox Froggy” to Hindi.

Lots of things.

March: Stumbled upon a blog of google it says HTTPS will be a ranking signal,

and so researched more on the HTTPS and SSL(TLS). 3-4 blogs came out of it. I moved my blog fromhttp to https.

CreatedTic Tac Toe game based on the Minimax Algorithm. Also moved to Linux(ubuntu) fully. 💻

April: Oh yes, this month was for the cultural fest “Scintilla” . A selfie contest was hosted in college via Facebook. And so we created a webapp based on facebook graph API to create a leaderboard based on the likes and emotions on the images. So yeah, it went viral on college and I got the max traffic in the website. It was the high time for traffic.

May: So as I said it was high time for traffic my site got crashed. So i researched on  this and found out nginx as an alternative for apache. So changed my server from apache to nginx and also performed a performance comparison between them.

And then our redesigned college website went live on 19 may.

Also this is time when redesigned website for college went live. I was very happy to see that website live.

Your VISION and your self-willingness is the MOST powerful elements to conquer your goal

― Rashedur Ryan Rahman

June-July: I joined my internship at Kilobyte Technologies . Introduced to Ionic Framework and liked it, and now using it my minor project of final year.

Also submitted my wordpress themeKafal to the wordpress.org at the start of June.

In July one of my favourite blogger tweeted me and followed me back. It was really exciting. 😊

August: Kafal went live in wordpress.org after 2 months of wait. It is currently active on 400+ websites. It went live 2 days ago my birthday so I can say it was the gift to myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

September: Started my front end course on freecodecamp and stopped. And then started my backend course and build some node based APIs on glitch. But I also abandoned my backend course on the web-app challenge and didn’t do anything from then. (So Sad 😞😞 )

I did not give these courses much time because we started building our minor project . I was building front end for the app in Ionic 2, so I spent most of time on learning Ionic and Angular.

No one is too small for anything. You just have to think big!

― Kathryn Lasky

October: Celebrated Dashara and Diwali with my parents. 🎆🎆

November: It was an awesome month. I did nothing other than making ppts, reports etc for minor project and industrial training.

Created a Invitation management project in PHP Bootcamp ( Codetrek ) by ColoredCow.

December: End sem examination nothing more fascinating.

So, It was a Comprehensive review. I’ve listed all these things just so I can came here whenever I feel low and encourage myself. I think I can do more than this but at the same time I feel low and start underestimating myself. So maybe in future I can think of this post and push myself ahead.

One thing I think I regret last year was that I did not achieved my goal of reading 1 book a month. I was not even close to that goal. So, I will take it as this year’s goal and will try to read as much books as possible. I will talk about my this year goals in other posts. This year many posts will come as I am participating in CodeNewbie Challenge and I’ve selected Blog More challenge. That means more blogs will be coming soon!

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